The Most Popular Opera Houses in the World
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  • La Scala, Milan, Italy
  • Teatro Di San Carlo, Naples, Italy
  • Teatro Colon, Beunos Aeres, Argentina
  • The Royal Opera House, London, England
  • The Bolshoi, Moscow, Russia
  • Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
  • Paris Opera, Paris, France
  • The Metropolitan Opera, New York, USA
  • New York City Opera, New York, USA
  • La Scala, Milan, Italy

The Most Popular Opera Houses in the World

Curious travelers will be always on the lookout for newer places of interest. Allow me to shed some light into certain opera houses, which the modern generation touts as the most popular ones - by travel agencies and by those who choose to visit them! Almost all the opera houses will have definite unique aspects associated with them. In fact, many people are inclined to spend more time in these houses because of the presence of such factors. In addition, renowned engineers had built them decades ago; it is highly rewarding to pay due homage to these structures whenever viable.

Milan, Italy is one of the best places to experience the true spirit of the opera. After all, the city houses La Scala - built in 1778 and entertaining the audiences ever since. What is the singular characteristic, which you will notice when attending La Scala? I can assure you that you are going to be impressed at the acoustics deployed over here. If you start digging deep into the history of opera houses, you will come across another familiar name - the Teatro Di San Carlo. One will find it placed at Naples, Italy.

During the olden eras, there was a time when nations were competing against each other to build the best opera house! Are you aware of the role played by Argentina? By 1908, the citizens could mesmerize themselves with the beautiful tones that emancipated from Teatro Colon. Once again, conveniently located at the capital city of Buenos Aries, this particular opera house had entertained many great personalities. During those times, the British had a fine taste for music, and it is of no wonder to see some of the best opera houses in London. Noteworthy among them happens to be The Royal Opera House.

Talking about sturdy opera houses, The Bolshoi (Russia) comes into my mind. During those eras of oppression and strict communist policies, this opera house managed to glide through effortlessly. Like it or not, but I am sure that you will be impressed by the amount of artwork included with The Bolshoi. Likewise, another popular opera house happens to be the Sydney Opera House. While some visit it to enjoy the performances, the vast majority might stop over here to indulge in the elaborate excursions conducted routinely.

This brief article will be highly incomplete, if I failed to mention two important opera houses located in France - the Paris Opera and the Opera Royal. Austria and Brazil also shared the limelight with two innovative opera houses - the Vienna Sttasoper and the Teatro Amazonas!

In the rest of the clauses, I will be providing you with additional information about all the opera houses listed. Opera is a form of tuneful art that has its own share of enthusiasts. Although the modern generation is drifting away from such musical performances, there still exists a small portion of ardent opera lovers. I dedicate the rest of the sections to these devotees!

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